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Bengolako Aplicaciones Industriales Avanzadas

  • The staff of bengolako has extensive experience in different manufacturing sectors. Since its founding bengolako has been carrying out the basic and detailed engineering of new industrial applications, both seasoned as well as advanced technologies, available on the market.

  • Its business model is based on the development of products that are embodied in the design and construction of new facilities, equipment and machinery that provide demonstrable innovative benefits to the associated processes. This business model also contemplates the taking over of minority holdings as supplier, in those business projects that stand up to the use of other new facilities.

  • The bengolako market includes both the supply of the "turnkey" facilities such as that of industrial equipment and consumables, either directly or through affiliated companies.

  • The use of the vacuum process in various industrial processes has been the technology of the degree of development reached by bengolako already enables certain immediate applications in the fields of: