Harmless Consumables Used by the Industry in Vacuum Processes

The innovation brought by the impregnation method based on the APCS autoclaves developed by bengolako is rendered, in the case of woods, as a new concept in the manufacture of its processed non-flammable products.

This method has proved equally effective in the design by bengolako of a range of water-proof flame retardant varnishes, perfectly safe and quick drying for risk classes 1 and 2, reaching Bs1,d0 levels of reaction to fire based on the instant creation of solid flammable barriers, in areas subject to temperatures capable of reaching ignition.

Based on the implementation of this new method, bengolako has been able to assist its affiliated companies to place on the market flame retardants for that risk class, with a range of non aggressive products for metals in contact and perfectly safe for persons and the environment.

By not basing the protection of wood against fire in the generation of gases, otherwise toxic, such as combustion barriers in the presence of sources of intense heat or flames, or intumescence techniques, the products used for the manufacture of this range of flame retardants have been selected from the viewpoint of safety, with a much broader perspective, having achieved simultaneously and coincidentally a withdrawal effect for many of the aggressive biotic agents, without the need therefore of the added use of specific.