Metalurgical Industry in General

bengolako has developed and continues to develop a series of machines intended for the metallurgical industry with a view to the new regulations and new criteria influenced by the development of the current cleaning and finishing technologies.

Cable Industrial In the cleaning field, the Kyoto Protocol and other regulations, even those prior to same, have been restricting use, and even to the extent of banning it, chlorinated solvents and other volatile liquids derived from hydrocarbons or synthetic products, that have been used for vapour or liquid phases for the rapid cleaning of all kinds of parts, such as machine, electrical micro motors, automotive, surgical, electronic or avionic components and a vast etcetera.

Even today, many months after the end of the moratorium granted within the deadlines for its marketing, trichloroethene and perchloroethene as well as organic based solvents are still being used as degreasing agents in the absence of alternatives for cleaning complex structured parts or non resistant material of an effective degreasing agent, to temperature or spray projections, ultrasounds etc, one or others necessary in cleaning systems, but not very respectful with the environment.

Engranajes de maquinaria Due to these reasons, bengolako has designed a machine that performs both the degreasing process as well as the cleaning process and a final vacuum drying without the need for temperatures above 50ºC with alternating vacuum and atmospheric pressure phases. This may be the best system so as to ensure the results in the drying of certain parts or parts subjected to subsequent processes that require a total drying due to the incompatibility with the entrained water, ensuring the penetration of the degreasing agent and the cleansing water as well as the extraction of the retained water to bottom of the deep cavities. It is something impossible to achieve by current methods in which the unavoidable presence of air pockets prevents the degreasing agent reaching the openings and inverted cavities, blind perforations, or cracks, when they are deep.

Esto es algo imposible de conseguir por los métodos actuales en los que la presencia inevitable de aire embolsado impide la llegada del producto desengrasante a las aberturas y cavidades invertidas, perforaciones ciegas, o grietas, cuando son profundas.

In the field of the descaling of special steel bengolako has developed facilities and processes based on minimising pollutant emissions with conscientious respect for the environment as well as machines for manufacturing process of "lost wax casting" cast iron parts.

Vista general y en detalle de prototipo de máquina desengrasadora.