The bengolako Procedure

  • The new impregnation process, developed by bengolako, begins with the immersion of load of wood, suspended from the cover, in the impregnating product contained in the prismatic tank of the APCS autoclave. It is characterised by the vacuum impregnation stages which are performed by the load of wood completely submerged in the impregnating product.

  • The vacuum stage is started until obtaining the desired value, which is quickly reached.

  • It is maintained under these vacuum conditions even during the programmed time.

  • The atmospheric pressure is released into the chamber, the load remaining immersed, until obtaining the suitable impregnation calculated by the internal program and controlled by the load cells.

  • The bengolako procedure does not require a second vacuum cycle, common to those processes using cylindrical autoclaves, reason why upon completing the previous stage it is considered as finalised.

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bengolako simulation process of pre-immersion vacuum impregnation.